Thor’s Slim Tea Prepares Beneficial Fat Burners For Brisbane Residents

Dish up a day, jam-packed with fine-quality ingredients and sustainable energy supplements to burn your fats

Thor’s Body Science gathers superior forms of tea leaves and alkaloids from nature to give you the best slimming tea. Regular intake of this natural and organic blended tea gradually shrinks your fat cells and burns calories.

Proliferate your energy level and cut back your stress

Thor’s Body Science follows cutting-edge techniques to produce best-in-class weight loss components with superior ingredients from nature. The effects of our products is evident within a short time after you start consuming it.

Radical increase in metabolism rate

As you initiate consumption of our fat burners, you can perceive a sudden upsurge in your metabolism rate. It detoxes your body, cuts off inflating tendency, reduces craving for food and also prevents you from falling sick. 

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A holistic manoeuvre for weight loss!

We extend a complete fat reduction program to give you the desired results within the stipulated time period. Only follow the instructions to get the best from our slimming tea.

  • Drink our signature slimming tea on a daily basis – TeaSlim ingredients are Pu’er Tea, White Tea, and Theobromine.
  • Enjoy personalized diet chart from our dietician.
  • Follow the exercise programs regularly as suggested by our expert physiotherapists.

Shed your extra kilos with our fifteen days weight loss module at an affordable expense.

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