Before we start, here is some information about tea that you may or may not be aware of. Did you know that all kinds of tea come from the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis)? This includes green, oolong, black and white tea. A cup of healthy tea is packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to help boost your health and immunity. A cup of tea contains half the amount of caffeine than a cup of coffee, yet providing you with a good buzz and boosting your energy levels.

Here are 6 health benefits of consuming healthy tea products:

Prevents the risks of cancer

Most of the tea contains a strong amount of anti-oxidants that are known to protect the body from cell damages caused by oxidative stress. It also fights against many illnesses and infections to keep the body healthy and protected. There are plenty of studies to suggest that tea contains effective anti-oxidants that helps to protect our body against numerous cancers such as breast, colon, pancreas, stomach and prostate cancer to name a few.

Prevent and regulate type 2 diabetes

There are certain types of teas such as green tea that are known to help prevent and control type 2 diabetes. As these teas help release more T-cells to process sugar easily. However, take note that it cannot cure you from diabetes or work in substitute of medications to control the disease. However, it can certainly ease the symptoms reducing the risks of complications that might develop later on. Studies have shown that if you combine regular exercise with a healthy diet and tea consumption, you can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 80%.

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Helps you lose weight and maintain a healthier weight balance

There are many studies conducted to show that people who consume healthy slim tea products (especially green tea), maintains a lower weight than people who does not have it on a regular basis.  Black tea and green tea products are known to contain antioxidants, Catechins that acts as fat blockers. Catechins are also known to reduce the absorption of dietary fats as well as acting as fat burners, promoting the release of specific enzymes known to metabolise stored fats.  So drink up in prescribed dosage to maintain a healthier body weight.

Strengthens your immune system

A pack of healthy organic tea comes filled with antioxidant Catechins and vitamin H or biotin. Among several other functions mentioned above, Catechins are also recognised for boosting the immune system. On the other hand, biotin is an important vitamin that is needed in the body to help maintain an overall healthier immune function.

Better cardiovascular health

Did you know? Green tea is comprised of antioxidant EGCG. EGCG is known to speed up the recovery of heart cells and reduces the risks of developing a heart attack or stroke. Green tea is comes with antioxidant flavonoid, that are known to reduce the risks of coronary artery disease by reducing the amount of cholesterol that were clogging up the artery walls.

Cleanses your intestines and prevents aging

A healthy tea contains plenty of vitamin E and antioxidants that work in combination to successfully fight of infections and reduce body cell damages from oxidative stress. This significantly reduces the process of aging in the body. The powerful antioxidant Catechin is known to kill certain types of bacteria in the intestine that causes illness such as gastric ulcers and arteriosclerosis and helps boost the immune system. Tannins in tea are also known to relax the stomach and cleanse the intestinal tract.

Proper way to consume tea?

It is better to have your tea without adding milk or sugar to the product. A detailed study in Germany published in the European Heart Journal (2007) shows that milk dilutes all the health benefits of teas due to the presence of certain proteins that binds to the Catechin antioxidants present in the tea and inhibits its function.

It is recommended that you choose the right green and slim tea products to truly enjoy all these benefits that an ordinary cheaply priced tea products might not provide you.

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