Are you one of those person who loves to drink weight teas every now and then? Do you drink tea just to lose weight? Having slimming tea sure is one of the quickest and easiest ways to lose weight.

However, it is important to know that slimming tea can have several side effects and health concerns if not taken in a controlled way. It contains benign ingredients that may act as a laxative, diuretics while affecting the metabolism rate in some person and putting you through certain risks that we will be discussing below.

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Some slimming teas comprises of Senna, a natural laxative. According to FDA, drinking teas containing Senna were associated with certain health problems. The symptoms were quite similar to people with laxative abuse disorder and includes cramps, nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, weakened colon function and depleted potassium levels.


According to FDA reports, most of the slimming teas contain diuretics that can potentially lead to health issues such as dehydration, electrolytes imbalance, muscular cramps, diarrhoea and loss of fluid.  Therefore, when consuming slimming teas, it is important to ensure that you are not exceeding the required dosage per day.

Increased metabolism

Many of the slimming tea products claims to boost the body metabolism rate. However, the research leading to such additives found in tea to have worked efficiently is limited to a very few brands.

However, according to studies conducted on animals and human, polyphenols found in green and black teas have shown to present positive signs. Polyphenols have shown to assist with weight-loss and improve metabolism.

What are the safest options available?

Thor’s Body Science offers the most naturally occurring and organic slimming tea products to help you lose your weight and promote a general positive health the holistic way. Many years of continuous travelling and research has led to the formulation of our tea products that are the most safest and healthiest to consume, leading to a strong and healthy immune system and a successful weight-loss campaign without the above mentioned side-effects.

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Please note, this blog is not meant to degrade the slimming tea products, rather state the side-effects that it can produce if taken in excess. You should always consult your doctor or dietician before taking such products and should not exceed the dosage stated by the manufacturers. Or else, this could lead to health problems.

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