Are you struggling with obesity? Looking for natural weight loss tea? We are here to save your woes!

Thor’s Body Science offers personally formulated fast weight loss tea that are proven to gets results! Our signature tea is offered with personalised diet and exercise plans to help you lose your weight prompt and effectively.

Specially Formulated Tea Blends That Trigger Weight Loss Fast

weight loss tea

25 years of research has led to the formulation of our weight loss solution that alkalises, detoxifies and speeds up your metabolism to burn fats.

Due to the fact that weight loss products are 100% natural and conveys countless health benefits, it is highly recommended by the naturopaths and nutritionists of Australia. 

Our natural and organic tea blends are available in three versions PU’ER Tea, White tea, and Theobromine. All of the products are scientifically proven to activate weight loss.  


  • Fermented and aged dark tea.
  • Produce of China


  • Pale-yellow
  • Sourced from Camellia Sinensis buds and plants


  • Consists of primary alkanoid.
  • Extracted from Cocoa and Camellia Sinensis plants.

Our weight loss products are scientifically proven to activate weight loss and heal you from inside out the holistic way.

  1. Organic detox teas are of premium quality. We do not compromise on quality.
  2. Detox tea is great for weight loss along with detoxification. You get two benefits for the value of one.

Tea for Effective Weight Loss and Better Health

Slim tea will help you shed a few kilos easily and fast. All you have to do is have it at the correctly as prescribed by our nutritionists. Additionally, you will notice

  • Increased energy
  • Improved metabolism
  • Decreased stress
  • Reduced bloating

We offer three packages to kick-start your weight loss program. Our packages are tailored to suit your needs and budget. Choose our natural weight loss product and get results.  

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